Need Pictures and Video for your Real Estate?

As most of my readers and especially clients know I have a camera that I literally take everywhere. I have almost 2200 videos of properties and issues that are all about real estate. A past client called me a few weeks ago and needed a video of their property and what needed to be done for repairs.

I also take a lot of before and after pictures on my real estate construction. It is a way to both chronicle and have a history for that home. Pictures and Videos are great for insurance reasons, marketing reasons, or just to keep updated.

We can even set you up with your own personal YouTube Channel for all your Real Estate videos and Pictures.

I travel all over metro Cleveland and I am also setting this service up in Arizona. Imagine being able to see your property if your out of the area or on a trip. We can handle all your picture and video needs for that purpose.  Very affordable and a great way to know whats going on with your property.

If you have a property being repaired or rehabbed and need to see the contractors work, we can get you the pictures and video of those items. Or you just want to have your finished homes memories of what was rehabbed in your property.

If your a Realtor it is a great way to market your properties to sale or rent.  It is also a great way to show future clients what type of real estate you have sold and how your on the cutting edge of marketing.

Pictures and Videos are simply a great way to see your property and to show your potential tenants or clients the home. Click below to see all my different videos that I have done over the last 7 years.

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